cronogard® sustainability

cronogard® products preserve the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the food, while increasing sustainability and decreasing food waste.

Nicefiller®, the company that designed and developed cronogard®, would like to participate in the packaging production chain by creating a culture of sustainability for the consumer.

A small contribution that will help protect safety, lead to less food waste and raise awareness about environmental sustainability by preserving the integrity of food, positively influencing people’s daily lifestyles.

Studies in this sector have shown that there is a correlation between the improved preservation capacity of modern packaging and lower food waste in society. In a tray with reclosable lid, cronogard® preserves the food even after the consumer has opened the package, contributing to less food waste also at home.

Due to the type of packaging material on which they are applied, Nicefiller® products comply with the following essential environmental requirements:

– composting, standard EN 13432

– recovery by material recycling, standard EN 13430

Using cronogard® aids in the promotion of fresh seasonal and territory-related foods.